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Grandparent Visitation

Children relish the opportunity to spend time with their grandparents, and grandparents appreciate being able to share their years of experience with their family. However, when two parents get divorced, it can also impact the relationship grandparents have with their grandchildren.

In Minnesota, grandparents are not automatically given visitation rights to their grandchildren just because they are biologically related. However, grandparents can petition the court to award custody or visitation. If you are concerned about protecting your relationship with your grandchildren while your child gets divorced, an experienced Edina grandparents rights lawyer can help protect your rights.

When you contact Hill Crabb, LLC, our lawyers and staff can help you understand your rights. We help grandparents in Edina, the rest of the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota protect and maintain the opportunity to visit their grandchildren in situations, including:

What Rights Do Grandparents Have?

Whether you are concerned that your child or his or her spouse is an unfit parent, or you miss seeing your grandchildren as much as you did before a divorce, understanding your legal rights and options is important. Grandparents’ rights vary depending on the circumstances of each situation, but we have years of experience helping grandparents protect the bonds they have with their grandchildren.

Learn more about the representation an experienced lawyer can provide by scheduling a consultation. Our attorneys at Hill Crabb, LLC, can be reached through our online contact form or by calling 612-568-5967.