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Understanding Minnesota Child Support Guidelines

In addition to a parent’s obligation to provide love and emotional support for their children, parents also have an obligation to provide financial support for them. In Minnesota financial support includes basic support, medical support and child care support.

To determine the amount of financial support each parent must contribute to the children, the incomes of both parents, the amount each parent pays for medical insurance and child care, and the amount of parenting time each parent enjoys with the children are factored in when calculating a parent’s child support obligations.

The attorneys at Hill Crabb, LLC, can help individuals in Edina and throughout Minnesota accurately determine the amount of child support they can expect to pay or receive.

Accurately Determining The Income Of Both Parents

The most important factor in calculating child support is determining each parent’s gross monthly income. Determining the income of a parent may not be as straightforward and easy as it sounds. Self-employment, employer provided benefits that reduce monthly living expenses, unemployment and voluntary underemployment can raise argument over what a parent’s income is or should be for purposes of calculating support. The receipt of cash assistance from the county can also impact the determination of a parent’s income and prevent the imputation of income to an unemployed or underemployed parent.

When you contact the attorneys at Hill Crabb, LLC, we can ensure all relevant factors that impact the determination of income are considered and calculated accurately. We help clients with all child support-related concerns, including modifying existing support orders and determining how a military divorce may affect support obligations.

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