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Helping Parents Navigate Child Custody For Special Needs Children

At Hill Crabb, LLC, we strive to help parents of special needs children understand their child custody and parenting time options. We understand that child custody can easily become complicated when a child has special needs.

We take the time to educate our clients on what their legal rights are and how special needs child custody works. Our Edina lawyers can help parents in the Twin Cities metro area and throughout Minnesota create a parenting time plan that works for their child and achieves their goals.

What Are Special Needs?

There are a wide range of conditions that would cause a child to have special needs, such as psychological, emotional, neurodivergent and behavioral traits or physical or learning impairments. Children with special needs often require additional attention and specific necessities.

While child custody can be an emotional and difficult process for any parent, determining an optimal child custody schedule for children with special needs can be challenging. Our lawyers can help parents plan out a special needs child custody plan that fits any kind of disability or impairment a child might have.

What Should A Special Needs Child Custody Schedule Include?

In many ways, a special needs child custody schedule works just like any other schedule. However, parents often still have to make a unique child custody schedule that considers how their child’s needs affect their parenting time. This plan should also consider their child’s education, medical needs and daily routine that parents are responsible for maintaining.

How Can A Lawyer Help?

At Hill Crabb, LLC, our lawyers are educated and experienced in family law. We can inform parents of their legal rights and responsibilities in a special needs child custody case. We can represent parents of special needs and neurodivergent children during court hearings by presenting a case that advocates for their and their children’s needs.

Our attorneys have helped many of our clients negotiate a child custody agreement with their child’s other parent and their legal representative. We take the best interests of your child seriously and will fight to secure a custody and parenting time order that works for you and your child.

Contact A Child Custody Attorney Today

You can learn more about special needs child custody by scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers. Reach out to Hill Crabb, LLC, by calling us at 612-568-5967 or filling out our online form to schedule a free consultation.