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Dissolving A Marriage Through Annulment

In rare circumstances a marriage can be nullified so as to be deemed to have never existed in the first place. Annulment provides parties with an option that effectively voids their marriage. To find out whether you or your spouse may qualify for an annulment, call an experienced Minnesota licensed family and divorce law attorney today.

Grounds For Annulment

  1. Lacking capacity to consent to the marriage
  2. Consent to the marriage was obtained by fraud
  3. Not of legal age to marry


Because an annulment means that the marriage was void, a party considering an annulment should be aware of the consequences. Where a marriage is annulled, parties would not be entitled to the same rights a divorcing spouse would be entitled to. For example, you would be denied the right to request spousal maintenance, or seek an interest in the other party’s retirement or investments. An annulment would also affect the division of household goods, furnishings and any other property purchased during the marriage.

To determine if you might qualify to seek an annulment, contact Hill Crabb, LLC, today for a consultation. You can reach a Hill Crabb, LLC, attorney through the online contact form or by calling 612-568-5967.