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Predivorce Planning

Divorce preparation can begin long before the legal process takes place. If you are considering divorce, take the steps necessary to put yourself in the best possible position. At the Twin Cities law firm of Hill Crabb, LLC, our lawyers will counsel you about the strength of your case and what life changes could be made in advance to put you in the most advantageous position to achieve your desired results. Call us today to begin preplanning your case.

Gathering Documentation

One of the most time-intensive and costly aspects of a divorce is gathering and reviewing information related to marital assets and liabilities. You can get ahead of the game and save money by gathering your financial records in advance. These financial documents will be used by your attorney to counsel you on what you might be entitled to in a final division of assets and debts, will be used to support your position and sometimes to identify misinformation in your spouse’s reported information. Gathering this information can take time, especially if your spouse is handling the finances in your marriage. The earlier you begin the process, the more time you will have to locate information.

Planning For The Future

In addition to gathering financial documentation, you will want to take steps to prepare and plan for life leading up to, during and following divorce. Divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can endure. While a good family law attorney will take care of the legal aspects of the divorce so you can focus on daily life, it can at times feel all consuming. Planning for the next steps in life can make the divorce process easier on you and your family.

As experienced Minnesota divorce lawyers, we can assess your situation and provide you with specific information and advice tailored to your unique situation. Our predivorce preparation advice includes things such as whether or not to remain in the marital home, whether or not to pay down debt, whether to seek employment, and whether to go back to school. Contact our law firm today to discuss predivorce planning for your case.