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The minimum wage and divorce

Financial stress could cause tremendous problems in a marriage. When both spouses cannot pay their essential bills, tensions could rise. Don't assume that all Minnesota divorce cases centered on financial issues involve people of significant means, either. Spouses...

How a CDFA helps in the divorce process

Although the rates fluctuate, a significant percentage of marriages still end with a divorce. For Minnesota residents going through this difficult process, it's crucial to keep your financial future in mind since your divorce may have a huge bearing on it. That's...

Hill Crabb Partners With Madison Helm Coaching

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between Hill Crabb Law Firm and Madison Helm Coaching, moving us further into a holistic and integrative divorce process for the healthiest outcomes for one of life’s most challenging circumstances. Madison Helm is...

How Long Do I Have to Pay Child Support?

Through the use of child support orders, Minnesota seeks to ensure that children of parents who are divorced, separated or were never married, are provided for financially. So how long is a parent obligated to provide financial support for their children? The General...