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The minimum wage and divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Divorce |

Financial stress could cause tremendous problems in a marriage. When both spouses cannot pay their essential bills, tensions could rise. Don’t assume that all Minnesota divorce cases centered on financial issues involve people of significant means, either. Spouses relying on primary or secondary minimum-wage jobs might be under tremendous budget strain. Things could even exacerbate when the economy suffers from added pressure.

Divorce and the minimum wage

A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family reveals that an increase in the minimum wage could reduce divorce rates. While money can’t make every problem in a marriage go away, additional funds could impact some concerns about paying bills or covering expenses, two potential sources of marital friction.

Few discussions about raising the minimum wage examine the effect on divorces. The connection makes sense and is not far removed from the problems found in a gray divorce, where older couples argue about saving money for retirement. When a household income suffers due to low wages, various other troubles could arise. Imagine two spouses worrying about how to allocate limited funds when several critical financial matters occur at once.

Divorce and underlying problems

Married couples can’t expect politicians to raise the minimum wage in time to prevent divorce proceedings. However, the partners could work together to address their financial concerns to see how they can lower expenses. Sadly, even the best efforts might not lead to any significant changes.

Financial troubles could underscore other troubling issues in the marriage. If one spouse becomes abusive, either physically or mentally, divorce could become unavoidable.

Married couples may work with a financial or credit counselor to determine a better path to financial well-being. Unfortunately, the financial problems might only be part of what’s breaking the marriage apart.