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Minnesota divorce for the sake of your children

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | Divorce |

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry states that divorce can hurt a child’s mental health. It’s common for parents in failing marriages to feel staying together is best for their child. However, witnessing a toxic marriage can also cause emotional turmoil for a child. Minnesota couples avoiding divorce for the sake of their child might want to consider several things.

Healthier environment

The Institute for Family Studies states exposure to verbal conflict can negatively affect a child. A child might feel sadness, anger, fear and anxiety when their parents argue. With repeated exposure, the child might become aggressive, hostile or depressed. Ending an unhealthy marriage can provide a healthier environment for the child.

Positive parenting

Being in a traumatic marriage can make parenting difficult. Parents unhappy with each other and their situation can find it difficult to work together. A divorce can alleviate some or all of the hostility the parents feel for each other. Without the constant struggle to maintain the marriage, the parents can focus on working together to do what’s best for the child.

Better example

Children form certain opinions and beliefs based on those around them. If a child sees a marriage full of conflict and turmoil, the child might believe that’s normal behavior for married couples. Ultimately, this will have an impact on the child’s future relationships. Removing a child from this environment can help them see that conflict and turmoil in a marriage is unhealthy.

Happier parents

Being unhappy can affect a person’s parenting skills. For example, the parent might take their anger out on the child or spend less time with the child. Ending a marriage can make it possible for parents to create healthier and happier lives.

Divorce is often painful and emotionally draining. It’s a serious decision that requires a lot of thought. And in some cases, trying to save the marriage is possibly worth considering. But it’s important to realize that sometimes divorce is possibly best for everyone in the family.