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Issues To Be Addressed Within Divorce

There are a number of issues to be addressed during the divorce process. The facts and circumstances of each case will determine the specific issues to be addressed. These issues may include:

  • How will personal property be divided?
  • How will retirement and other financial accounts be divided?
  • How will marital debt be apportioned?
  • Who will be awarded the marital homestead, and is any equity equalizer payment due to the other party?
  • How will other marital assets be divided?
  • Will a professional valuation be necessary to determine the value of any of the marital assets, and how will that valuation be paid for?
  • Will either party be awarded spousal maintenance? If yes, how much and for how long?
  • How will we file federal and state taxes for the year of the divorce? How will we apportion any taxes owed, or divide any refund?
  • Who will be awarded physical and legal custody of the minor children? Will custody be shared jointly, or will one party have sole custody?
  • What is the parenting time schedule for the children?
  • Who is covering medical insurance for the children?
  • Who will be awarded the dependency exemption?

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